Powerbomb Heaven is currently a prototype demo in development. 

In a fantastical, futuristic universe in the  year 31XX, all kinds of strange and exotic fighters come from all over the galaxy to the universe’s greatest wrestling promotion: POWERBOMB HEAVEN. Their goal?  Prove their mettle and take the title of GALACTIC CHAMPION. 

POWERBOMB HEAVEN is a sci-fi and pro wrestling themed 2D fighting game. Attack, Grapple and Sell your way to victory as one of 3 unique characters. Currently available in 2 different local VS  and Solo  game modes. 


Player 1Player 2
Light Attack:FLeft Arrow
Heavy Attack:TUp Arrow
Sell/Confirm:GDown Arrow
Grapple/Cancel:HRight Arrow

Designed by Damon Stallman, Lucas Valensa, and Korben Dennis, with music by Shirokishi.